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The Wandering Artist Movement


Year of production:2014

Running Time: 8.56 min

Color / Sound/ Produced by Imaginary Dream

Interview and video of The Wandering Artist Movement, which is a group of artists, that meet once a month and are a walking art show in NYC. Meaning that, each artist carries a piece of their work on this gallery walk in the Lower East Side, NYC. TWAM encourages alter egos.



Year of production:2011

Running Time: 2:07 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

"Fear, Love and Laughter " is a collaborative performance piece originally conceived at Kristin's solo show at The NAAS, "Making Something Out of Nothing". Steve Orr wrote the script for this piece, and which is currently being re-worked for 2014. See video 2 page for Love and Laughter.

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