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Kristin Gambell

BFA Photography - Massachusetts College of Art 




I am very inspired by the universe and its different energies. I believe that we are all connected somehow and that the forces of nature are inherently linked to the soul and therefore physical body. It is here that I find peace and am able to harness the energies within me that drive me to create. My work embodies the creation of life in the universe and its constantly evolving matter and energies.


By keeping an open mind and staying tuned in with the world around me, I find ideas and inspiration for new pieces. My artist friends and creative family members are a constant motivation for me to rework and transfigure my art.



Traditionally, photograms are a black and white contact print made using objects found in nature such as leaves. They are made by placing something opaque or translucent on light sensitive material and then exposing it to light. I have taken this process several steps further by creating a collage on glass that replaces a traditional negative in the photo printing process.


Having always been fascinated by the quality of light that translucent objects emit, I find the intense textures and colors that this process produces to be captivating and have evolved it.


By repurposing everyday objects into art, it allows the viewer to have a transformed perspective and to experience a wealth of color, shape, texture and intensity that evokes a feeling of emotion. Many of the objects and substances that I use to compose my negatives are synthetic materials used in everyday life – such as drinking straws and condoms. My most recent work is a painting on glass, turned into a photogram, pushing my process one step further, and leading to another metamorphosis.


This artwork does not involve a camera and is non-digital. All work on has been scanned or is a photo of the actual piece.

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